Welcome to a great and wonderful business opportunity in Myanmar! ! !

Our company in Yangon, Myanmar are honored to be granted a Small Loan Business capacity by the government of Myanmar. With the granting of a Small Loan Business License, our company are authorized to provided small financial services to savers and borrowers.

With this license, we are able to :-

- Immediately provide our customers/savers Interest on Deposits, the maximum interest rate not to exceed 15% per year (in other countries, Small Loan Business(Micro Finance businesses) will have to run the business for at least a few years and provide a satisfying  results to the government before they are allow to charge Interest on deposits.)

- Able to provide small financial loans to customers/borrowers, being the annual interest charge of not more than 30%! - Others financial loans will depends on situations as currently there are other projects/programs on hand.

** Due to lack of time, and as our company have no experience in the Financial Institution sector; so the company have to share this license out to potential partners. Our potential partner must meet the below requirements of:

1. Must be honest to run this business and make profit legally; not with intention of doing a hit-and-run business; in this business partnership all transactions and financial reports will be transparent to all parties in this business (interest on deposits we only give 15%; we can provide loans out of 30 %, with profits of 15%).

2. This financial institution service sector must be run by an experienced person in-charge, either by you or by your team; preferably those with extensive experience in the establishment and operations of financial institutions.

Please spread this message to all friends and contacts that are interested to be partners to this wonderful and great opportunity.

Thank You and have a great day to all.

I feel good! 

Happy and lucky everyday!

Hot line number
0843 833 433 AIS
0833 663 553 AIS
0833 663 113 AIS
0873 699 111 DTAC
0832 275 995 TRUE

Skype : lucky2u_th

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