Free room for travelers in Cambodia or Vietnam.
In a remote town in Cambodia, near the border of Vietnam.  

There was a Mini Hotel / casino.
This Mini Hotel/ casino Resorts will provide on daily basis one or two rooms to treat our foreign traveler f or free. Only for short term accommodation, not more than seven days and must depend on availability.

This mini Hotel/ Casino Resorts is small and simple, but Cleanliness is the strength. 
Most special of all is that the people here are warm and friendly.

The Casino sites is about 3 hours away from Phnom Penh ( Capital Of Cambodia ) or from Ho Chi Minh City ( City Of Vietnam ). It is just like driving along the desert road to Las Vegas. A distant far away you will see a Motel then a short distant more after a small Diner, to stop over for a drink , a part from each other and spend the night.
If you want the person to contact, please PM (Private Message) me

I feel good! 

Happy and lucky everyday!

Hot line number
0843 833 433 AIS
0833 663 553 AIS
0833 663 113 AIS
0873 699 111 DTAC
0832 275 995 TRUE

Skype : lucky2u_th